RADA in Business and The Apprentice Final 2016

Charlie Walker-Wise of RADA in Business lifts the lid on their role in coaching Courtney Wood, a finalist on The Apprentice 2016.

Calling all Apprentice fans. I’ve decided to lift the lid on that ‘exercise’ and explain how it helped finalist Courtney Wood shine in his final pitch.

We were asked to be part of ‘The Apprentice’ final but ended up with more airtime on the ‘You’re Hired’ programme following it. If you saw it you’ll know that one exercise in particular became a running theme with Rhod Gilbert, the ‘You’re Hired’ presenter, who even made it part of his opening segment.

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2017 – Bring it on. I’m ready … are you?

A New Year means recommence, renovate hopes, reflect about the past and resolve how to make the future better.

Within two weeks, we will be saying goodbye to 2016 and welcoming 2017. It seems it was yesterday that we were garnishing our houses for the end of the year festivities – 2016 has just fleshed! Looking back, in 2016 we witnessed a lot of interesting events, to say the least, worldwide. Donald Trump became the US-president-elect; European migrant crisis; BRExit and the unexpected outcome of David Cameron’s plan / referendum; Zica virus spread in Latin America; Narenda Modi’s government demonetizes old Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 banknotes in India; on shipping we have seen bankruptcy, merges and alliances being formed etc – and many other remarkable ones with different impact.

These were/are substantial happenings that ‘may’ even change the way we see the world today and may also affect some of us directly or indirectly – although we, or some of us, cannot and have not influenced them. But how about you on personal level and those things you can (could) influence directly. Have you reflected about that?

  • What have you seen in 2016 that you would like to change or improve in 2017?
  • Have you accomplished everything you planned (If you had a plan at all) in 2016?
  • What would you like to happen or be different in 2017? And more importantly…
  • What are you doing for that to materialize?

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“Enjoy the Silence” – What I have learned from the quiet ones.

Quiet people have the loudest minds. What can you learn from quiet people?

We live in a society where being introvert – or ‘quiet’ – is often labelled as a limitation. After many years of working with teams, I have reached to the conclusion that this statement is so far from being true. What most people fail to acknowledge is that every team need their fair share of ‘quiet’ players. These are the ones that think and follow an introspection process before reacting. This virtue is so crucial in the planning part prior to executing. Quiet teachers that allow students to express and pay attention to their needs instead of following a standard ‘one size fits all’ script. These are the true ambassadors of the ‘do more and talk less’ principle so commonly found in over achievers. In most recent times, I have had the opportunity to learn from a few outstanding ‘quiet ones’.

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Preparing Yourself Mentally for Coaching – Part 1

What are the concepts of ‘good’ coaching? I ask leaders to read about the concepts of good coaching before they attend my Coaching Master Class training.

Preparing yourself mentally for coaching is about coming to a shared understanding with your boss and your peers on what ‘good’ coaching looks like. This is the first of two short articles on the concepts of good coaching. It is based on the pre-reading assignment I set for leaders attending my Coaching Master Class training.

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