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Hello. For the past six years my ambition has been to publish at least two articles each month on the Leadership Coach Blog. So far so good. Now its time to push the refresh button. I’m looking for new articles and new guest authors to boost the Blog’s output and grab new audiences. The guest author role is entirely honorary. No renumeration. Just the joy of spreading your views on Leadership and Coaching. Please swing over to ’Contact’ on the menu and let me know what you would like to write about.

Trevor Sherman (The Leadership Coach)

VOX-POP SERIES – Coaching Case Studies #6

A Coaching Case Study as reported by a leadership participant in my 2018 UK Coaching Master Class programme.

Vox-Pop is from the Latin vox populi and refers to popular sentiment or opinion on a subject – in other words, the voice of the people.

In this series of Blog Posts I explore the sentiments and opinions of leadership participants in my Coaching Master Class (CMC) programme. What do they think about the main coaching topics we explore together in this programme?

I look at STAR Coaching Case Study reported by a Leaders of Leaders participating in a UK programme in 2018. By this time my CMC programme had evolved to version 3 and I was using a much more comprehensive STAR template for coaching case study feedback. I look at how the Leader used the GROW Coaching Model and the Coaching Tools taught in the CMC Workshop, and the outcomes they achieved with coaching.

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