Coaching Survey 2023

Thank you for visiting my Coaching Survey page.

I have invited you to complete this survey because you have either participated in my 3-month Coaching Master Class program (CMC) or in the one-week Leading Others program (LO).


I ran the Coaching Master Class program for 12+ Maersk and Damco senior leadership teams over the period 2010 to 2016. CMC starts with a one day training workshop for the senior leadership team at a location. This is followed by three one-to-one coach-the-coach follow up sessions. The final stage is a refresher workshop; and in some locations a Coaching for Potential workshop. Selected members of the senior leadership team were selected for my train-the-trainer program. They rolled the CMC program out to the next level of leaders in the location.

The one day CMC workshop sessions are: Shared Understanding; The GROW Model; The Coaching Toolkit; Case Study Role-plays 1&2; Coaching for Performance & Development; Coaching Practice Role-plays; Wrap-up and Actions Planning.


I facilitated 50+ one week Leading Others programs for Maersk, Danfoss and FLSmidt over the period 2007 to 2015. The six LO modules covered over 5 days are: Setting Objectives; Delegating & Follow Up; Coaching & Developing People; Assessing & Improving Performance; Building a Team. The coaching training is the fulcrum point of the week and takes up a full day on Wednesday and a half day on Thursday.


This survey is about Then and Now. I ask you about the original coaching training you attended with me, what you learnt and how you applied the skills at that time. I ask about how your coaching skills and application have progressed since the original training.

I’m conducting this survey for three reasons:

  • To enable me to write an article for my Leadership Coach Blog about the long term application and integration of coaching practice into leadership teams;
  • To enable me to update my Coaching Master Class program to the next version;
  • To identify new material for the Coaches Toolkit on my Blog.

By completing and submitting the survey below, and giving me your contact details, you will get updates on the survey results and any changes I make to the Coaching Master Class program and to the Coaches Toolkit.

Thank you for participating in the survey.


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To see a summary of the Coaching Master Class program click HERE. If you think the program might be right for your leadership team, or you or someone in your team requires one-to-one coaching, please email me. I’ll be happy to respond.

To download a Coaching Capability Assessment click HERE

To see the Coaches Toolkit click HERE. These tools have been developed over the past twenty years from my ‘real world’ experience working with hundreds of internal leadership coaches in organisations. You may be asked to register to access the Coaches Toolkit. That’s OK – it’s free to subscribe and you’ll get full access to this valuable resource.

To refresh your coaching skills go to my Amazon page for the LARA Leadership Learning Book ‘Coaching for Performance’, which you can buy in Kindle eBook or Paperback printed format. Click HERE for the Amazon UK page. Also available in 12 other markets worldwide.


Trevor Sherman

The Leadership Coach