Feedback in Coaching

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Feedback in Coaching

Feedback in Coaching comes straight out of my Coaches Toolkit. In the Coaching Master Class training I teach the AIDA feedback model. This is about observed Actions, associated Impact, Desired outcomes and Alternative actions required to achieve the outcome. The art for the Coach is to use feedback in two distinct ways in a coaching session: pre-planned feedback; in-process feedback. Read on you find out more …

How can you pre-plan Feedback?

As part of your preparation for a pre-scheduled coaching session, you will have reviewed your Log Book. From this you establish any feedback you have given the Coachee since the last time you spoke on this coaching subject. You will have decided when and how you will give the feedback to the Coachee. This is most likely to be when agreeing the Goal for the session or exploring Reality. Choose the time to deliver the feedback according to your plan. Follow the feedback method described in ‘Techniques – AIDA Guidelines for Feedback’ in the Coaches Toolkit.

How can you respond with Feedback in the Moment?

This type of feedback is how you respond ‘live’ to what happens during the coaching session. You will use this type of feedback to challenge the Coachee on what they are saying, to summarise what they have said or to make observations on how they express themselves through their words and behaviours. In-process feedback is the oil that lubricates the coaching machine. You listen and observe. You have insights based on your knowledge of the situation and of the person you are coaching. Link what you are hearing and observing to the goal of the coaching. Use this information intelligently and tactically to intervene with short statements or questions designed to help the Coachee reflect and move forwards. You will still follow the feedback method described in ‘Techniques – AIDA Guidelines for Feedback’ in the Coaches Toolkit.

What is the AIDA Feedback Method?

Describe the Action you observed. This might be a performance result, a work habit or behaviour, an interaction with a colleague, an issue or problem.

Describe or ask what Impact the action had. It might be an impact on the team, other stakeholders, the process, the customer or you as the Coachee’s leader.

Describe or ask about the Desired outcome. It might be a different outcome to that which the Coachee achieved if you are giving negative or developmental feedback. Or, if you are giving positive or constructive feedback, it will be reinforcing what the Coachee achieved and inviting them to set their sights higher or maintain a standard.

Agree with the Coachee the Alternative action they will take in the future. The way you approach this will be adapted to the Coachee. You may decide to ask for their views or direct them towards specific alternative actions. You may decide to guide them towards a way of approaching the alternative actions, or support them in what they decide to do.

Coaches Toolkit Resources

There is more information in in the Coaches Toolkit. Look for ‘Techniques – Situational Coaching’; ‘Tools – Feedback in Coaching’; ‘Techniques – AIDA Guidelines for Feedback’

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