Executive Coaching & Life Coaching: A Comparison

I asked the new experimental AI tool in Wordpress to write a 200 word article comparing executive coaching and life coaching. Here is what it wrote. Word for word. No editing from me. I just added the headings.

Executive coaching and life coaching are two different types of coaching that aim to improve the lives of individuals. These forms of coaching are designed to provide individuals with guidance, support, and encouragement to help them achieve their goals in their personal and professional lives. Although both forms of coaching have similarities, they differ in several ways.

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Article Two: September 2022

Set and meet your goals

Article Two September 2022 in an unashamed filler. It’s 23:00 BST on the last day of September and I realised I was in danger of breaking with a tradition. In over six years of publishing this Blog I have always published two or more articles per month. Set goals and meet them – whatever it takes!


Leadership Transition: Before You Start

Investing in this pre-work phase before you start your full leadership responsibility is the best way to be effective as soon as possible

A leadership transition may at first seem like an onerous prospect. Especially if it involves a complete change of role, a relocation – or both. However in reality, with the right planning and coaching support, it can turn into an extremely rewarding and satisfying experience. Here I consider what you can do before you start the new role.

Since 2017 the majority of my one-to-one work has been coaching for leadership transition.  In the ten years before that I was a facilitator for groups of leaders attending the Leadership Pipeline transition program.

This is the first of a series of six articles about what I have learnt about the progressive stages of leadership transition. This article Before You Start is about what you can do before you even take up the new role.

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How to Win Friends and Influence People

A great book for life everyone should read

Five years ago I wrote about a book, a poems and an article that stayed with me throughout my adult life. The article was In Pursuit of Happiness and Success. The book I selected was ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People‘ by Dale Carnegie.

I’m planning an article soon about Leadership Influencing linked to behavioural styles. This article is a prelude to my forthcoming article to once again remind us what a tremedous influence Dale Carnegie has had on many people.

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Feedback in Coaching

Refresher Tools for Leadership Coaches.

Feedback in Coaching comes straight out of my Coaches Toolkit. In the Coaching Master Class training I teach the AIDA feedback model. This is about observed Actions, associated Impact, Desired outcomes and Alternative actions required to achieve the outcome. The art for the Coach is to use feedback in two distinct ways in a coaching session: pre-planned feedback; in-process feedback. Read on you find out more …

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Challenging Perceptions

Refresher Tools for Leadership Coaches

Challenging Perceptions comes straight out of my Coaches Toolkit. In the Coaching Master Class training I teach that there are instances in coaching where the Coachee will be experiencing limitations that stop or slow their progress towards achieving their business goals and fulfilling their potential. These limitation will be in their mind and be based on experience, beliefs, confidence, expectations, fears, self-image, attitude and personal agenda. Like it or not – this is their Reality. Whilst all of this may be submerged in their subconscious, it is the language they use and the emotions and behaviours they display which you can work with.

The role of the coach is to challenge the Coachee’s subconscious limitations and stimulate them to take a different and more productive conscious path; enabling them to move forward with high expectations of meeting and exceeding goals.

Here I cover two aspects of Challenging Perceptions: Body Language and Self-Talk. Read more ….

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Who should be the next UK Prime Minister?

I revist the 11 political leadership capablities we need from our next Prime Minister.

Who should be the next UK Prime Minister is back on the agenda again. In June 2019 we had a contest for the leadership of the Conservative Party. Boris Johnson won against Jeremy Hunt. He went on to win a General Election in December 2019 with a whopping 80 seat majority. I wrote about the Leadership Election and the General Election at the time.

So why are we back here again? Why do we need a new UK Prime Minister? More to the point, why have his Member of Parliament (MP) colleagues dumped him thus forcing a leadership race? He survived a confidence motion in June 2022, despite 41% of his MPs voting against him. But a string of by-election defeats led his MPs to fear he had become an electoral liability. In the last few days up to his resignation as leader of Conservative Party on 8th July two prominent members of his Cabinet resigned along with 50 Government Ministers. As one said’ “Enough is Enough“.

If you want to read more on this story check out these articles: from the BBC ‘The prime minister who broke all the rules‘; and from the Spectator ‘What is the point of Boris Johnson?’

Read on to find out how the leadership election works and my take on the leadership characteristics we should be looking for in next UK Prime Minister …

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Levels of Listening

Refresher Tools for Leadership Coaches

Levels of Listening comes straight out of my Coaches Toolkit. In the Coaching Master Class training I teach that asking good purposeful questions can only be effective if you couple it with good listening. As you move into the heart of the coaching session (GROW) you need to raise your listening from the more casual day-to-day style of listening to another level. You need to consciously throw a switch in your mind and become aware of not only what your Coachee is saying, but also the emotion and meaning behind their words. And maintain this elevated conscious state throughout the session. I cover two raised levels of listening: Active Listening and Deep Listening. Read more about them ….

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Purposeful Questions

Refresher Tools for Leadership Coaches

Purposeful Questions comes straight out of my Coaches Toolkit. In the Coaching Master Class training I teach that asking questions is at the heart of coaching. You move from being a ‘telling’ manager to an ‘asking’ leadership coach. You develop a natural inquisitiveness. These are not casual questions, they are purposeful. You must make every question count. Each question is carefully constructed to inspire and challenge the Coachee and make progress along the GROW coaching model.

Your intention as the Coach will drive the purpose and style of the questions you ask. In the G and R stage of the GROW coaching model, your intention is to raise the Coachee’s awareness. In the O and W stage of the GROW coaching model, your intention is to create Coachee responsibility. Read more about Awareness and Responsibility ….

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Happy 6th Birthday Blog

Six years and still going strong

The Leadership Coach Blog is Six Years Old Today. Happy Birthday. Thanks to everyone who has supported us over that time. Subscribers, Guest Authors and General Visitors. There are 260+ articles for anyone to read and be inspired by. There are 35+ items in the Coaches Toolkit for Subscribers to download and use. Enjoy.