Leadership Learning Modules

LARA Laser Leadership Learning Modules

Targeted leadership refresher and learning modules

LARA Laser Leadership Learning Modules. These are a series of individual short (20-40 page) leadership modules to be publish soon on Amazon Kindle. They are organised against the Leader of Others leadership competencies.

Like concentrated fruit juice – the water has been taken out to give you the heart of the subject. Where there are pithy additions you need for your study these are available from a dedicated online resource on a ‘just in time’ basis. This means you can concentrate on the essence of the leadership skills subject you are studying with the full confidence that your additional learning needs are catered for.

Each module is organised according to the LARA model – Learning for self-study and reference to external resource material; Applying by testing the competencies in the leadership role; Reflecting on successes using the Leadership Learning Log; Adopting and embedding by using the competencies in daily work. They can be used as a stand-alone learning resource or in collaboration with a Leadership Coach to facilitate and reinforce learning. The general learning aims for each module are described in the competency framework and key actions in the introduction. There is a Personal Development Plan (PDP) template at the end of each module.


  • Communicating with Impact Content: Delivers clear messages; Pays attention to others; Presents with impact; Creates concise written communication.
  • Cultural Interpersonal Effectiveness Content: Demonstrates inclusive behaviour; Values cultural differences; Conveys respect; Remains flexible.
  • Building Positive Working Relationships Content: Projects authority and credibility; Clarifies information; Establishes shared goals; Cultivates an active network; Establishes a positive climate.


  • Coaching for Performance Content: Clarifies performance; Creates opportunities; Uses structure (GROW); Applies Tools; Provides support.
  • Leadership Influencing Content: Seizes influencing opportunities; Makes a strong case; Adjusts approach; Questions for understanding; Advocates to business or organisational needs; Drives to outcomes.
  • Team Development Content: Builds team; Establishes team expectations; Clarifies roles, responsibilities and objectives; Encourages team; Monitors team performance; Integrates to organisation.
  • Driving Execution Content: Focuses on key tasks; Establishes communication strategy; Creates accountability for execution; Ensures capacity, skills and readiness; Shows persistence; Aligns systems and process; Creates metrics.


  • Operational Decision Making Content: Obtains information; Organizes information; Completes analysis; Generates and considers alternatives; Makes sound decisions; Gets commitment; Solves problems.
  • Mobilising Available Resources Content: Prioritises; Develops and considers alternatives; Co-ordinates resources.
  • Driving for Results Evaluates opportunities; Sets stretch goals; Achieves goals; Stays focused.


  • Self-Insight Content: Seeks feedback; Self-assesses; Understands impact; Shows sensitivity.
  • Leadership Agility Content: Adapts to change; Remains effective.
  • Executive Disposition Content: Advocates for organisation; Manages stress; Has impact.


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