Article Two: September 2022

Set and meet your goals

Article Two September 2022 in an unashamed filler. It’s 23:00 BST on the last day of September and I realised I was in danger of breaking with a tradition. In over six years of publishing this Blog I have always published two or more articles per month. Set goals and meet them – whatever it takes!


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Hello. For the past six years my ambition has been to publish at least two articles each month on the Leadership Coach Blog. So far so good. Now its time to push the refresh button. I’m looking for new articles and new guest authors to boost the Blog’s output and grab new audiences. The guest author role is entirely honorary. No renumeration. Just the joy of spreading your views on Leadership and Coaching. Please swing over to ’Contact’ on the menu and let me know what you would like to write about.

Trevor Sherman (The Leadership Coach)

Happy 5th Birthday Blog

The Leadership Coach Blog is Five Years Old Today

This blog is five years old. Hurrah. The first article – ‘Understand to be Understood‘ – was published on 19 May 2016. Five years and 237 articles later and we’re still going strong thanks to our Guest Authors, Subscribers and Regular Visitors. Thanks for your support.

Most visited posts in the last year:

Happy Birthday Blog

Celebrating one year of The Leadership Coach Blog.

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday dear Blog.

Happy Birthday to you.

Its exactly 12 months since I posted the first article on The Leadership Coach Blog on 19 May 2016.

Many thanks to the Guest Authors, Subscribers and Visitors who have supported the Blog over this time. Every upwards!

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