What is Leadership Culture: How to Introduce Critical Practices

Leadership culture should really just be understood as the framework in which you lead your team, and the ideologies and belief systems you want you and your team to conduct business with. The end goal should always be customer satisfaction, and harmony amidst the collective that produces the work.

While the work, actions, and ideologies of every employee can have a direct impact on the trajectory of an organization, it’s the leadership that has the most profound influence on its culture. Architecting a rich company culture is not an upper management endeavour, meaning, it’s not merely the leadership that cultivates this. To build an exceptional company culture, its leadership has to take into account employee engagement, the workplace environment, and the success felt by the company’s clients. But what is leadership culture?

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Good Morning Jessica … Enjoy Life!

“Breath, breath …. enjoy life” Say good morning to Jessica Applewhaite-Walters, life coach from Panama.

I had the pleasure of working with Jessica in Panama when she was in the corporate world. Now she is working on her own account as a life coach for women. Take a look at her new website Jessica Coach.

As soon as you click the link you will smile. Guaranteed. Her smile, the uplifting music and her cheerful persona are infectious. Good luck Jessica. I expect you to change the lives of women around the world.

As Jessica says on her video welcome: “Breath, breath …. enjoy life!

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