Executive Coaching & Life Coaching: A Comparison

I asked the new experimental AI tool in Wordpress to write a 200 word article comparing executive coaching and life coaching. Here is what it wrote. Word for word. No editing from me. I just added the headings.

Executive coaching and life coaching are two different types of coaching that aim to improve the lives of individuals. These forms of coaching are designed to provide individuals with guidance, support, and encouragement to help them achieve their goals in their personal and professional lives. Although both forms of coaching have similarities, they differ in several ways.

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Good Morning Jessica … Enjoy Life!

“Breath, breath …. enjoy life” Say good morning to Jessica Applewhaite-Walters, life coach from Panama.

I had the pleasure of working with Jessica in Panama when she was in the corporate world. Now she is working on her own account as a life coach for women. Take a look at her new website Jessica Coach.

As soon as you click the link you will smile. Guaranteed. Her smile, the uplifting music and her cheerful persona are infectious. Good luck Jessica. I expect you to change the lives of women around the world.

As Jessica says on her video welcome: “Breath, breath …. enjoy life!