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Welcome to the LARA Resource Centre. Congratulations on purchasing one of my LARA Leadership Learning modules from Amazon. This page is exclusively for LARA customers to provide you with additional resources and reading material.

Throughout each module there are references to additional resources you may wish to study. Many of these are available from the Coaches Toolkit on this Blog. You will find this toolkit under ‘Subscriber Recourse Pages’. It’s free to subscribe to the Blog. Or, if you decide not to subscribe to the Blog, you will find the resources and additional reading you need below.

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Trevor Sherman, The Sherman Partnership (TSP-UK)

Twenty Five Years | 1994 – 2019

General Resources

Communicating with impact

Communicating with Impact Expressing yourself in a clear, succinct and engaging manner to capture the attention of your audience (LARA Leadership Learning Book 1)

cultural interpersonal effectiveness

Cultural Interpersonal Effectiveness Leveraging cross-cultural experiences and values to promote an inclusive approach to leadership, work practices and … (LARA Leadership Learning Book 2)

Building Positive Working Relationships

Building Positive Working Relationships Using appropriate methods and interpersonal styles to build effective relationships with key individuals to facilitate … success (LARA Leadership Learning Book 3)

Coaching for Performance

Coaching for Performance Unlocking people’s potential so they set high positive expectation around the goals they intend to deliver and exceed (LARA Leadership Learning Book 4)

Leadership Influencing

Leadership Influencing Using appropriate methods and interpersonal styles to persuade others to accept a point of view, adopt a plan or take a course … goals (LARA Leadership Learning Book 5)

Team Development

Team Development Using appropriate methods and interpersonal styles to develop, motivate and support a team toward successful outcomes and achievement of team goals (LARA Leadership Learning Book 6)

Driving Execution

Driving Execution Translating strategy into operational reality and establishing systems to ensure effective implementation and delivery of business goals (LARA Leadership Learning Book 7)

Operational Decision Making

Operational Decision Making Recognising alternative courses of action, making timely judgements on best decision and committing to a course of action (LARA Leadership Learning Book 8)

Mobilising Available Resources

Mobilising Available Resources Matching resources to business priorities, meeting demands of key stakeholders, adjusting to changing conditions and driving … (LARA Leadership Learning Book 9)

Driving for Results

Driving for Results Setting SMART goals, instilling high positive expectations for achievement and taking a planned and purposeful approach to achieving … goals (LARA Leadership Learning Book 10)