My Morning Bike Ride

We live in a wonderful world, full of wonderful people with an abundance of opportunities that sometimes we fail to see because we forget to love this world. Let’s go and give our best and have an epic day.

I just woke up and start packing my stuff for the day. Take out my bike and check the lights.  It is very foggy this morning.  I Start my bike ride, take a deep breath and take one minute of silence to enjoy the scent of positivity in the air.  I clear my mind.  I thank God for being alive and strong enough to ride to work once again this morning.  I thank Him for having a job to go to this morning.  I thank Him that I have two children to support so I have enough motivation to work hard and excel in what I do. I thank Him for my brothers and their continuous support.  I thank Him for my friends who care for me, making me realize that there is an abundance of kind people in this world.  I give thanks to Him for my colleagues who boost my competitive spirit, teamwork and make my workplace fun.  I thank Him for my boss who doesn’t let me relax, always challenging me to do better every day.  I give thanks to Him for my team who gives me the opportunity every day to serve them as a leader. I give thanks to Him for the cold breeze on my face as I continue riding feeling alive and full of love at this moment.  Then I thank Him for my amazing life and my wonderful day ahead.

I am halfway now and I start to ask God to protect my family and friends. I ask Him to grant wishes to my loved ones.  I ask for a quick recovery of a sick friend.  I ask that a friend who wants a baby so bad, be blessed with one.  I ask for a job for an unemployed friend.  I ask for success for my colleagues.  I ask for health and happiness for everyone and I ask for resilience, strength and a permanent smile in order to be able to face daily challenges. I arrive at my destination and lock my bike.  Take a deep breath and smile as my day is full of blessings.

This is an extract from the start of my day. It can be broken down into three sections that can prepare us for the challenges that we will find:

Be grateful for what you have:

We bring too much stress to our life by focusing on what we do not have or what we haven’t accomplished. Instead if we are continuously aware of what we have accomplished or what is working for us, this will have a positive impact on our mindset.  It is much easier to smile when you feel complete and full.  Happy people attract more love and happiness.

Maintain an unselfish mindset:

When we are constantly aware of the needs of people around us, we shift I and me to we and us. Remember, everything is not only about you.  People’s attitude toward us instantly changes when we truly show that we care.  Believe me when we fake our selfishness, it shows.  The unselfish attitude needs to be nurtured.  You do not create this habit over night because it is an unnatural habit.  Since the beginning of time we have been taught that in order to survive or succeed in life, we need to be selfish.  Changing this mindset takes a lot of practice.

Be present:

We take for granted so many things around us because of phones, computers, car stereo and podcasts. Our senses are crying out loudly to be used by us.  We are experiencing the wonderful event of life and we are missing it.  A morning bike ride, an after dinner walk, enjoying sunsets or sunrise, running in the rain, etc.  Be present, be alive and enjoy it!

We live in a wonderful world, full of wonderful people with an abundance of opportunities that sometimes we fail to see because we forget to love this world. Let’s go and give our best and have an epic day.  Cheers!


Author: Ricardo Mock

Africa 24/7 Marine Manager at Maersk Line, Cape Town. Psychologist, Certified Crossfit Trainer, Health Coach and Motivator. Experience working in Project Management (Operations, Human Resources and Sales), innovation driving change. Specialties: Project Management, Sales, General Operations, Lean Six Sigma (LSS GB Certified), ERP´s implementation and Change Management. MBTI Profile: ENFP-T

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