Leadership: where is it necessary?

Jessica belives leadership is very important in national politics. She explains why she is now supporting a politician she can look up to.

Leadership is a fundamental element in any group, given that it is the driving element which without it, it would be difficult for that group to guide their efforts towards the common objective.

The issue of leadership in human groups has been widely debated, and especially during the twentieth century has been theorized about leadership and the organization of groups in general.

So, where is Leadership necessary?

There has been a lot of talk about leadership, due to its importance in the history of organizations, be it social, political or even military. It has always been a subject debated among big business, however, regardless of whether the leader in the organization is born or is done, there is no doubt that leading people is valued as a driver and generator of added value.

Little do I know about politics, I can only speak about the good and the bad things I see and live in my country because of the actions taken or not by those who govern, those who decide what they think is best for the country or for themselves despite what the rest of the population may have to say.

Now that it is clear I’m not an expert when it comes to politics, I do know about leadership, as I’ve walked in those shoes for more than 20 years in different shapes and level of it, which gives me the knowledge to speak about good leadership in a political role, after all shouldn’t a good politician, executing power, be a great leader?

I’ve also realized that in my search of a great leader who can help drive my country to better years, I must become one as well.

I become a leader when…

  • I  speak the voice of those who can’t or don’t know how
  • I encourage supporters (followers in political terms) to take actions towards a necessary change
  • my words are equally matching my actions, so I’m setting an example.
  •  I help in the promotion of the great leaders I believe are worth supporting.

In the upcoming change of power in my country, I have decided to support new faces who are independent from all known political party, because a leader can only prove to be a good one when he or she has earned the respect and appreciation of  the people  who look up to them, and with the actual government that has not been the case.

There is no way I could support a “leader” who number 1 priority is to be seen and heard with no intention to act upon what he says, lacking  cohesiveness and consistency in behavior and actions.

I’m doing what I always did when I was team member of corporate organizations, I support a leader that I can look up to and learn from based on experience and knowledge, someone who can make decisions that may benefit the majority despite the fact that there will always be   people who will do their best to bring him or her down.

As a leader, whether it is in the corporate world, or as an aspiring public server, you are the person in charge of guiding, planning, foreseeing, helping, teaching, inspiring  others to be the best version of themselves.


Jessica Applethwaite is a Life and Leadership Coach based in Panama. Click here for her Website


Author: Jessica Applewhaite

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