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Time to Refresh & Renew your Leadership Skills.

LARA Leadership Learning

Now published on Amazon – my 10 LARA Leadership Learning Modules. Choose Kindle eBook or Paperback. Buy online or borrow and read for free when you subscribe to Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

Targeted Leadership Refresher & Learning Modules. Just right for Refreshing & Renewing your Leadership Skills.

Go to LARA Leadership Learning to see the modules on Amazon UK. For the other 12 Amazon worldwide sites see the foot of this post.

These are a series of individual short leadership modules published online on Amazon Kindle. Or if you prefer to get your hands on a real book, they are available for shipping as Paperbacks. They are organised against the Leader of Others leadership competencies.

Like concentrated fruit juice – the water has been taken out to give you the heart of the subject. Where there are pithy additions you need for your study these are available from a dedicated online resource on a ‘just in time’ basis. This means you can concentrate on the essence of the leadership skills subject you are studying with the full confidence that your additional learning needs are catered for. Here is where you can accelerate your leadership skills development. Select one or more modules based on your current needs. Come back for more in the future. The choice is yours. The modules are designed for first and second level leaders: Leaders of Others, who manage Individual Contributors; and Leaders of Leaders, who manage both Leaders of Others and Individual Contributors.


Each module is organised according to the LARA model – Learning for self-study and reference to external resource material; Applying by testing the competencies in the leadership role; Reflecting on successes using the Leadership Learning Log; Adopting and embedding by using the competencies in daily work. They can be used as a stand-alone learning resource or in collaboration with a Leadership Coach to facilitate and reinforce learning.

The general learning aims for each module are described in a leadership competency framework. Your personal learning aims are reflected in a PDP you agree with your Leadership Coach. Throughout each module there are references to additional resources you may wish to study. These are available from the Coaches Toolkit. You will find this toolkit under ‘Subscriber Resource Pages’ on this Leadership Coach Blog. It’s free to subscribe to this Blog.


The modules work best as part of an active leadership development coaching program. Of course you can study them as a stand-alone learning resource. However you will accelerate your learning by using the modules as a platform for working with your Leadership Coach.


Trevor Sherman is an Author, Blogger and Coach.

As an author he develops leadership training material and personal learning modules. Trevor is the owner and operator of the Leadership Coach Blog. He coaches senior executives for development, performance and for role transition. He is based in the UK and operates globally – both in person and through technology.

Over the last 20 years Trevor has run thousands of assessment, feedback, training, follow-up and coaching sessions. All that insight, knowledge and experience has been condensed into these LARA Leadership Learning modules.


Here is an Excel tool is to help you decide which of the ten LARA Leadership Learning modules are your current development priority. MPV360 Leadership Assessment (downlaod and open in MS Excel). Firstly, use this as a self-assessment. If you then want the full 360 view send the assessment to your manager, up to three peers and to up to five of your direct reports.

The Modules

Title / Link ( (*)
Communicating with ImpactExpressing yourself in a clear, succinct and engaging manner to capture the attention of your audienceB08P9MPHMX
Cultural Interpersonal EffectivenessLeveraging cross-cultural experiences and values to promote an inclusive approach to leadership, work practices and team collaborationB08P9N69XS
Building Positive Working RelationshipsUsing appropriate methods and interpersonal styles to build effective relationships with key individuals to facilitate mutual business successB08P9PLX7B
Coaching for PerformanceUnlocking people’s potential so they set high positive expectation around the goals they intend to deliver and exceedB08P9MC7KR
Leadership InfluencingUsing appropriate methods and interpersonal styles to persuade others to accept a point of view, adopt a plan or take a course of action that advances business goalsB08P9XXXYV
Team DevelopmentUsing appropriate methods and interpersonal styles to develop, motivate and support a team toward successful outcomes and achievement of team goalsB08P9M6TG
Driving ExecutionTranslating strategy into operational reality and establishing systems to ensure effective implementation and delivery of business goalsB08P9MTT2R
Operational Decision MakingRecognising alternative courses of action, making timely judgements on best decision and committing to a course of actionB08P9MV62F
Mobilising Available ResourcesMatching resources to business priorities, meeting demands of key stakeholders, adjusting to changing conditions and driving to completionB08P9MCWTW
Driving for ResultsSetting SMART goals, instilling high positive expectations for achievement and taking a planned and purposeful approach to achieving and exceeding goalsB08P9NCYHJ
(*) ASIN = Amazon Standard Identification Number. Use this to search on Amazon in your country or use the links below.

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Communicating with Impact. A must for new managers/leaders, a brilliant recap for others

Coaching for Performance. A ‘how to’ guide that is well worth keeping close at hand

Author: Trevor Sherman

Trevor Sherman: Author, Blogger and Coach. What do I do? I develop leadership training material and personal learning modules. I am the owner and operator of this Blog. I coach senior executives for their development and role transition. I am based in Northamptonshire UK and operate globally - in person and through technology.

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