Contracting, Meaning, Love: My Coaching ‘Big Three’

I’ve been trying to figure out the factors that have been present when my coaching has been at it’s best. Here’s where I’ve got to…

Earlier this year I spent some time looking back at coaching work over recent years. Part of my reflection was about trying to figure out what had made the best assignments better than the others. In this post I want to share with you the outcomes of my reflections – my ‘coaching big three’ success factors.

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Danger, someone’s said, “I love my work!”

Does ‘love’ belong in the workplace? Does it make a positive contribution?

How to be Good at Work

I have had the privilege of knowing Professor Roger Steare for a number of years; he describes himself as The Corporate Philosopher.  His professorship is at CASS Business School.  I admire his work about corporate ethics and values.  It is more important today than when it was started.

He is producing a “live-book” called “How to be Good at Work”.  Roger wrote the original set of chapters.  Subsequently, through a “commons approach”, other people have contributed additional articles and commentary.  As a result of some general remarks I shared with Roger, he asked me to produce a more specific article , which I did.  While he liked the content, my style was too different to his and other contributors for him to accept it.  I didn’t have the time or, admittedly, the inclination to change it.  However, in view of Roger’s positive feedback about the content of my commentary, I thought I would use this Blog to push it out into the public domain.  The topic of love seems fitting for the week before Christmas.

Hopefully, having read my piece, it will prompt you to look at “How to be Good at Work”, contact Roger and expand the conversation he has started.

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