How to be HAPPY TODAY, TOMORROW and repeat it all over again

During my years in the corporate world as a leader, I met leaders in different levels who despite being “successful” professionals were not happy individuals.  We already know that if you are not someone who seeks happiness by enjoying moments and being thankful, it will show in other roles of your life impacting the way others may see you.

As a leader, you are always being observed in a 360 view. People will follow a good leader and hate a terrible one and this is, in theory, a reflection of who you are as a person, so please allow me to share with you 7 steps to be happy today, tomorrow and repeat it all over again so you may take these steps whenever you realize you are “falling out of happiness”

Pay attention to step 2 and follow these same 5 actions that you would normally go through when searching for your “other half”, but this time apply them to yourself.

STEP 1: Where you DECIDED to put yourself out there, same as now you have DECIDED to read this article.Resultado de imagen para smiley

STEP 2: Fall in love with yourself over and over again!

2.1 – Where you would find him/her interesting either because of looks or the way this person carries him or herself, you will now find yourself interesting, because YOU ARE!: As you grow, you change, you learn, you meet different people, you might have travelled, read books, YOU MATURE and the way you saw things, you believe in others also changes. Your conversations are different, your opinion about LIFE in general is totally different to the way it was when you were younger, so YES! YOU ARE INTERESTING!

2.2 – Where you would notice those things you both have in common, you will now compare who YOU ARE, with who YOU USE TO BE.  Notice what the old and the actual you still have in common, what have changed or no longer exists.

2.3 – Where you start to notice and appreciate the little things he or she  does for you, you will now appreciate the little things you have achieved, the little wins and celebrate them along the way. Celebrate by pampering yourself, go shopping, sightseeing, read a book, get a massage, whatever you really enjoy that puts a smile on your face.

2.4 – Where you now start to feel you can trust him or her, you will now check to see if you trust yourself. Ask yourself these questions: a) Do I complete the things I start working on, like projects? b) Do I stick to my promises not only to myself but to others? c) Do I show up at the time I said I would?  You see not being able to trust yourself by constantly auto sabotaging will not allow you to accomplish what you wish ergo not allowing yourself to be happy.

2.5 – Where you now feel loved and show love in return, you will now Love yourself by realizing how worthy you are of all you have and deserve, all you have gone through and made it till today and all you want from life and will do to accomplish it.

STEP 3: Choose your social network, friends and acquaintances wisely.  Who are you surrounded by?  In a 20-year happiness study, Harvard psychologists found that your happiness is very much impacted by the happiness levels of the people in your social network.

If in your social network you are always meeting, talking and spending time with individuals who are constantly depressed, sad, upset, worrying, etc., you will consciously or unconsciously replicate body language and this will trigger the emotions it goes together with, so you will also be sharing or mimicking the same feeling.

Resultado de imagen para happy people

STEP 4: Stop playing the victim. Abandon that role where you keep complaining about unfinished things that YOU are the only responsible for, blaming others, situations, the universe, whoever or whatever else you can think of to justify your failure or procrastination. Self-pity will take you nowhere and besides (IT’S NOT APPEALING AT ALL!)

STEP 5: Embrace failure. Yes, I said it, you read correctly (no need to rub your eyes). I’ve learned that through my own failures that not only I learned from them so I try my best not to repeat them but that it also made me stronger. It revealed my ability to strive and work even harder to break through it, it built my courage and it allowed me to inspire others who might be going through the same or similar situation.

STEP 6: Get a hobby, if you don’t have any, at least get one, and make sure it is something you really enjoy doing either on your own or with good friends, HAPPY PEOPLE.   You must avoid allowing your day-to-day to become a routine.

STEP 7: Drink water. When you drink water your body cells expands which helps you to relax allowing positive energy to flow. When your energy flows it only opens the door to receive and project positive vibes and you will see things in your life falling into right places. I’m not saying that by the solely fact of drinking water, all your problems will be cleared out , what I’m saying is,  when you give your mind and body permission to be relaxed, you think clearly and act much quickly as well.

Consider drinking water, before, during and after meditation and breathing exercises, you will see the results are much more delightful.

If you feel that you are going back to your old unhappy ways, check this list and do it all over again.                                                                                                                                Man with long hair wearing a hooding looking up with eyes closed

Just breathe and enjoy life


Author: Jessica Applewhaite

“Breath, breath …. enjoy life! Uplifting your persona, getting rid of stress, anxiety, never second guessing yourself.“ This is what Life Coach Jessica Applewhaite from Panama says. Take a look at her website an you'll see what she means.

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