Is the British Prime Minister Coaching Her Cabinet Colleagues?

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I have been a subscriber to the Spectator magazine for some time. In fact, it is the only ‘newspaper’ we take in my household. All of our other news arrives online. Once a week this noble publication, full of contemporary political and social commentary, slides through my letter box. Imagine my delight when a recent article by two top Spectator journalists seemed to imply that our British Prime Minister, Theresa May, is using the Coaching GROW model!

The article ‘Liam Fox: May is better than Cameron’ was written by James Forsyth and Fraser Nelson. They had interviewed the International Trade Secretary Liam Fox.

Fox, a former GP, waxed lyrical about Prime Minister Theresa May’s methodical approach to government.

Here is what Dr Fox said about the Prime Minister’s approach, with my additions in brackets:

  • “First of all, let’s see what the problem is”. [Goal]
  • “Secondly, a proper analysis”. [Reality]
  • Thirdly, let’s look at the options”. [Options]
  • And fourthly, let’s work through them to see what is best”. [Way-forward]

Surely this must mean the country is in safe hands if coaching is being practiced at the very top of government!


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