Bitesize Leadership Techniques – Coaching for Performance Part 2

Carrying out the Coaching is about using purposeful questions to help your Coachee establish goals, explore their current reality, generate and select options and take responsibility for their way forward.

Coaching for Performance is one of my Bitesize Leadership Techniques. They are exactly what the title suggests. Short snippets of leadership tips, tools, process and ideas for you to use on a just-in-time basis. Use them as an update and to refresh your leadership professionalism. You could call it leadership in a hurry! This article is the second of three about Coaching for Performance: Carrying out the Coaching. Planning for Coaching. The first article was about Planning for Coaching. The next article is about Reviewing and Follow Up.

This article is an Executive Summary of my eBook of the same name – Coaching for Performance –published on Amazon Kindle. If you are a subscribers to Kindle Unlimited you can read the eBook for free.

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