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Stop washing fish!

Your engagement strategy isn’t working…I don’t know what that strategy is, I just know it isn’t working!

Don’t take my word for it though. Google it.

The numbers vary depending on which article you read but the headlines are fairly similar – about 70% of the UK workforce feel disengaged, which is costing UK Plc about £70 billion a year.

If the number of disengaged employees is that high, then it’s not difficult to imagine that some of those people are in your business, or your office.

Let’s be honest, if I gave you a piece of paper you could name them.

Communicating with Impact

A Shark or a Fish

Do you want to be a Shark or a Fish? Check out the motivational wisdom of this nine year old on YouTube “Don’t Put Yourself Down, Motivate Yourself, Keep Yourself Up”. See his 45 second motivational YouTube Video that went viral on Facebook.