I rather not speak, she said

Don’t ever fall into the none value adding situation, always speak up.

Never hold back the thoughts that matter the most ,  just wait for the ideal when, where, how and to whom you shall speak your mind, it will make a whole  difference.

In my first Coaching for Development Corporate Program, there are leaders of others and individual contributors identified as potential leaders. Some of them with more than 10 years in the company, and others with only 1 or 2 years.

Being in the company for more than 10 years has allowed them to gain a lot of experience. Most of them have  worked in several positions, where they have grown not only as professionals but as a person, most specifically as a woman, referring to the fact that some have become mothers, gotten married , been through divorces and others remarrying.

They have become strong women who daily challenges at work seem silly compared to their life dramas.

It’s your and the company’s lost 

It surprised me that  the company has gained a lot by having them and at the same time they have lost without knowing so. You see, with so many years a great deal of them I’ve seen several high level management teams come and go and with different leadership styles to which they have had to adapt, changing or modifying the way they work, and  how they would handle specific situations.

One lady who stood out from the rest and made me questioned how can you decide not to contribute as much as you can just  because of the leadership changes? , don’t you and how it’s totally wrong to do so.

Pausing yourself from  contributing with new ideas, processes, goals, strategies, nevertheless missing out the opportunity as a leader to drive business as it is needed and/or expected when what is needed from you is to make things happen,  is not setting a good example to your team or the rest of the organization and, believe it or not, it takes you to a strange and non-good feeling type of comfort zone.

 You stop adding value 

I rather not speak, she said and I immediately asked her, and how do you feel about it? she paused and her face expression changed to shame and discomfort, not knowing exactly how to put in words. Somehow I managed to get it out of her and she then broke the silence saying:

“I’ve never thought about it, I don’t know when it started, I  now I realize I’ve missed opportunities to add value”.

Don’t you ever fall into this none value adding situation, always speak up.




Author: Jessica Applewhaite

“Breath, breath …. enjoy life! Uplifting your persona, getting rid of stress, anxiety, never second guessing yourself.“ This is what Life Coach Jessica Applewhaite from Panama says. Take a look at her website an you'll see what she means. http://jessicacoach.com/main/

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