Are you a “Yes-all the time-round the clock-person”? , Do you feel bad when you say No, so you immediately go to a “but” that opens a lines of real or unrealistics reasons to eventually say Yes?, Do you know why do you do it? Want to experience the “FREEDOM” that saying “NO” can bring to your life?, then let me share what I did to stop feeling guilty by really wanting to say no, and always ended up saying yes to everyone.

I said NO and I was not accustomed of  saying it even when I should. I was always wanting to please others just because I liked seeing people happy and it felt good to know I have helped some else, (no, don’t get me wrong, I still do, but just because that is who I am) 🙂 , but when I realized that sometimes saying NO is even the right thing to do for others because it will “force” them to figure things out on their own, and this will help them to grow , it was only then that I finally understood that doing all for others every single time is doing more harm than good. 

I  realized that I was only fixing things in the very short term and not in the long term where is how I could really help, as I was not allowing creativity to flow where others could find new and interesting ways to act on whatever their needs were.

You see,  is not that people will never need you, but there comes a point in time  where you need to end this type of behaviour because the fact is that when people  know there is an easier and quicker way to do or get something in life they will always, always try that first and they will not learn how to do it for themself, on their own. They will also learn to trust themselves making the right decisions and learning from the ones that might not be the right ones at the moment. 

Go ahead, try it, say NO!!!

Say NO when you really don’t feel to do something that is not your responsibility, say NO when that thing is not adding value to your life whatsoever, say NO when you know that by saying so is better for that person as it allows them to GROW, go ahead…try it….SAY NO, because for every NO you say to those type of situations and/or people, you are saying YES to yourself, to your life and all the opportunities you may have missed because you were so busy handling others’ stuff. 

Say no and feel no regrets, don’t feel guilty, feel the FREEDOM of saying NO.


Author: Jessica Applewhaite

“Breath, breath …. enjoy life! Uplifting your persona, getting rid of stress, anxiety, never second guessing yourself.“ This is what Life Coach Jessica Applewhaite from Panama says. Take a look at her website an you'll see what she means. http://jessicacoach.com/main/

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