Doubting yourself: Why actions not always lead you to results

You automatically push success away when you don’t believe in your capabilities and abilities. If your mind doubts your actions will not follow and you will not get the expected results, as simple as that.

How you handle things, how you feel about those things and how you are consistently guessing how you are seen by others may tender with the way you are actually connecting your thoughts about whether you are capable, knowledgeable or well prepared to take over an assignment or ever starting something on your own. The lack of connection between self-confidence and the strategy that you put in place with a list of specific actions creates cracks allowing possible good results to fall in between and as a result here comes the feelings of failure, embarrassment, disappointment and even anger at some levels and in some situations.

When doubting yourself you are committing self-sabotage, which is wanting something and then going about making sure it doesn’t happen. In other words you are blocking the realization of the same things you are desiring to see happening.

The biggest difference between successful people and unsuccessful people isn’t intelligence or opportunity or resources, it’s the belief that they can make their goals happen and expect the results they are pursuing.
Getting caught up in a decision is another surefire way to water the seeds of self-doubt. It’s very easy to get stuck in trying to make decisions. This back-and-forth thought process, constantly questioning if you should do this or the other, can exacerbate self-doubt.

How can you finally overcome this? I know it may sound too easy, but believe me, it is, just make a decision already!, because usually your first reaction is going to be your best one since it typically comes from a place of intuition rather from ego, and before anyone else try to influence your decision. Believing in yourself is your willingness to get up over and over again when you “fail” or experience a setback in the execution of your agreed actions. It’s the self-confidence that no matter what happens, you will figure it out, and continue moving forward. Just make a decision and then correct your course as you go along.


Author: Jessica Applewhaite

“Breath, breath …. enjoy life! Uplifting your persona, getting rid of stress, anxiety, never second guessing yourself.“ This is what Life Coach Jessica Applewhaite from Panama says. Take a look at her website an you'll see what she means.

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